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As an adjunct instructor, I always used PowerPoint to supplement my lectures and class discussions.  Especially as a Professor of French Language and Second Language Acquisition/Pedagogy, it was important to me to use PowerPoint as a way to visually enhance the language learning experience.  Each day in class offered new opportunities to engage with the language, and PowerPoint allowed for me to *show* my students what the language was doing, how it was formatted, and what real people *did* with the language (versus always having our noses deep in monotonous vocab lists…).

This post from Faculty Focus intrigues me.  Have a look and please share in the conversation:


On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend the webinar, “Conflicted: Faculty and Online Education”, hosted by (and hopefully some of you did, as well…).  The study that was conducted produced the attach report, which I encourage you to save and share (permission is granted from

Access here:  Conflicted: Faculty and Online Education, 2012 (pdf)

What are some of your thoughts?


Interesting post in FacultyFocus.  Check it out.  Is grade inflation more concerning/prevalent in the online environment?  Thoughts?


This week’s Faculty Focus feature article can be found here:

The author tackles a common feeling to all of us — embracing new technology and integrating it into our lives, our classes, and our routines.

Do you use an iPad?  Does it connect you more to your students in the virtual world?  Do you find it useful in the online community (as opposed to on ground where everyone can have access to an iPad in a classroom, for example)?

What are some apps you use?  Recommend?  Don’t like?

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Check out this article!  Great tips!  I encourage you to join Faculty Focus to access a wealth of information:

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